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Hospitality Investment Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

This work -in-progress initiative of Hospitality Investment Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nidro Supply (Pvt) Ltd. sees the conversion of its 77 acre, prime virgin property, Madawela Ulpotha Estate, being transformed into a Nucleus Farm implementing principles of certified organic cultivation.

In the first quarter of 2019, the farm will yield a range of organic produce vis-a-vis Pineapple, Watermelons, Papaya, Mango & Banana and coconut using high-tech bio dynamic agricultural methods.

This project introduces high-tech organic agro-technologies of Israeli origin, to develop a unique and cost effective methodology for soil conservation, whilst improving the productivity of the plants through computer controlled water management systems devoid of synthetics. Thus the project prioritises the importance of preserving the eco balance of this prime virgin property.

Nidro IT Solutions Offer Service and Maintenance of Professional internet enabled (IOT), central controller for multiple irrigation heads the next generation of central control irrigation systems. It allows combining various technologies to suit each project specific needs. It is an Internet enabled controller so the user can control everything from his PC or Smart phone. Can handle multiple irrigation heads thus allowing the user to manage medium to very large projects with many irrigation lines using a single controller. Read More