Our Vision
  • NIDRO has an extensive support service base for its Customers, which takes into account providing a Liaison and Buying Office function i.e. from point of identification of needs to delivery.

  • Information regarding buyer support service for goods identified by regular buyers covering any or all aspects from payments, to quality control, collection, packing, insuring & forwarding.

  • If a Customer requires us to make payment on their behalf, it can be arranged on prior deposit of value (plus bank transfer fee) into our bank account.
  • All charges i.e. packing, documentation, handling, local haulage / transport costs, freight etc. are for Buyer's account and are billed at actuals.

  • We can only provide a generalized estimate for packing, forwarding (handling & local transport) and freight, which is strictly based on details provided by the client. However final billing shall be at actual cost and strictly for Buyer's account.

We are fully equipped to source and deliver everything you require, to your resort.

High quality and a dependable support service has been the hallmark of us. We are the proven 'ONE - STOP SHOP' for many resort Operations.

Whatever you require, or a guest desires, be it a handwoven cushion cover, or a dozen mangoesteens, We can supply it all, with a reputation built on quality products, with no compromises.

Our services include fabrication of stainless steel and other  equipment, facilitation of repairs to machinery as well as sourcing of hotel equipment and spare parts.

Operating around the clock, our team is totally committed and dedicated to the customer. Contact us You'll see just how remarkable we are.

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